Q: I  signed up with TMetric using my Google account, but I cannot log in to TMetric Desktop with my Google email and password. Why is this happening?

A: When you first sign up with TMetric using your Google account, a password is not created in the TMetric system. The TMetric Desktop and mobile apps do not support logging in with Google yet. So, to be able to log in via the Desktop or mobile app, you need to create your own password through the Tmetric web app first. 


Q: Do you have volume discounts?

A: Yes, we provide volume discounts for big teams according to the following scheme:

  • 10% for accounts with 40 or more users;
  • 20% for accounts with 100 or more users;
  • 30% for accounts with 200 or more users;
  • 40% for accounts with 500 or more users.

The price will be automatically discounted when you proceed to the payment gateway.


Q: Do you have any special pricing?

A: We offer special pricing for non-profit, educational, and government institutions. Please contact us via sales@tmetric.com to learn if you are eligible to receive the discount.


Q: For paid plans, do we need to buy a number of seats?

A: In Business and Professional plans, when you buy a subscription with a certain number of seats, the same number of invited account members is unlocked automatically. If you invite extra members to your account, they will occupy free seats automatically.

If you are out of seats, you have two options:

  1. Lock an existing member to unlock a new one.
  2. Modify subscription and buy an extra seat. Modifying a subscription is a matter of a minute.


Q: When team members leave, can we retire their license but keep their data for historical purposes?

A: Yes, you just lock the account member and it doesn't occupy the 'seat' anymore.


Q: Can I pay online once a year and remove my credit card information?

A: Yes, this can be done in the user's personal area of the payment provider (after the user is registered there). In order to delete credit card information, automatic subscription renewal must be disabled.