TMetric Documentation

Managing Clients

When you work with multiple clients, you need to somehow categorize your work time spent on each client. TMetric allows you to add clients to your account and assign projects to them. You can then generate client-based reports to be able to bill your clients based on the billing information.

Adding a client

  1. Click Manage and select Clients from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the New Client button.
  3. On the New Client page, specify a client's name.
  4. Set a default billable rate and its currency. When you create a new project for the client, the client's default billable rate will automatically be assigned as a project rate.
  5. Optionally, add an avatar from the selection of available avatars.
  6. Click Save and the client will be added to the list of your clients.

New client

Editing and deleting a client

  1. Go to Manage and select Clients. The Clients page will open showing a list of your clients with the number of active projects and total projects for each client.
  2. Click the corresponding action overflow button to edit or delete a client.
  3. Find a client using the Search field. As you type the name of the client, the filter shows only the names matching your request.