User Access Rights

TMetric account is an arrangement in the TMetric system, within which one or several users track their work time. Every user within the account has their own user profile, containing personal user settings. Users may have one or more of the following roles within the account: Regular Member, Team Lead, Project Manager, Admin, and Owner.

This topic describes differences between user roles within a TMetric account.

Regular Member

A regular member is a regular user with minimal access rights. Regular members can:

Team Lead

A team lead is a person who monitors a team's work. Team leads can:

Project Manager

A project manager is a person who supervises a project. Project managers can:


An admin is an administrator of the TMetric account. An admin can:


An owner is the actual owner of the account. An owner has maximal access rights. In particular, an owner can:

  • Do everything a regular member can
  • Do everything an admin can
  • Delete TMetric account