Supported Web Applications

It is a common practice to use different external web apps while working on one project. TMetric allows you to track time across multiple web apps.

TMetric integrates with a web app via the TMetric browser extension for one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex Browser. The TMetric Start timer button appears on the web app's interface so you can track time to TMetric directly from your working space in the web app.

When you click the Start timer button, a time entry is created on the TMetric timesheet. The time entry automatically grabs the issue ID, name, and project from the external web app. If you want to assign the issue to a specific project in TMetric, make sure that the project in the external web app and in TMetric have the same names. 

Please note that a project of the external web app is imported to TMetric only when the issue was created by the account owner or assigned admin of a TMetric account.

With TMetric browser extensions, you can easily track time for tasks performed in your favorite web applications.

To integrate TMetric into your web apps, you need to perform three simple steps:

  1. Install TMetric browser extension.
  2. Click the TMetric icon next to the browser address bar and log into your TMetric account.
  3. Click the Start Timer button in your web app to start tracking time.

That's all!

TMetric supports the following web applications: Asana, Assembla, Axosoft, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Bugzilla, FreshdeskGitHub, GitLab, Jira, Jira Service Desk, Pivotal Tracker, Producteev, Redmine, Sprintly, Teamweek, TeamworkTodoistTracTrello, UserEchoUserVoiceVisual Studio Online, Waffle, Wrike, WunderlistYouTrack, Zendesk.