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Analyzing Budget in Reports

Columns Budget, Spent and Billable Amount are visible only to the workspace owner and assigned admin. A project manager can see columns Budget and Spent but only in projects with Total project hours and Hours per person budgeting methods.

The Project Summary report is the space where you can track your budget and get an overall picture of the profits and expenses on all your projects. To generate the Project Summary report, go to Reports on the main menu and click Projects Summary

The Project Summary report visually demonstrates progresses on projects by means of colored budget bars. 

Tracking budget

Budget bars

A budget bar may be colored blue or red. A blue color indicates the growing progress on a project that does not exceed the predefined budget limit. Whereas the budget bar colored red tells you that the project is over budget. The percentage value next to a bar shows a portion of the budget that has been already spent.

If you want to see the budget details of a specific project, you can click the corresponding budget bar. It will forward you to the Detailed report on this project that provides with a detailed information on the time of every member of the project.

detailed report with limit exceeded

Total time and billable time

The Project Summary report shows the overall time and the billable time spent on each project. Click the blue time value of a specific project in the Time or Billable Time columns to jump to a corresponding record in the Detailed report that shows the time details of this report. 

time link

Filtering and grouping 

By default, the Projects Summary report shows data on all the existing projects. You can filter the data to retrieve specific budget details. For example, you can filter by a particular user to see budget details that are specific to this user.