TMetric Documentation

Completing and Deleting Tasks

Completing tasks

In TMetric, tasks can have two statuses: To do and Done. To do tasks are pending tasks, whereas Done tasks are those that are already completed.

To complete a task, go to the Tasks page and click the Complete task button on the required task. 

completing a task

After you complete the task, it acquires status Done and is moved to the end of the tasks list. You can reopen the task by clicking the Reopen task button.

completed task 

A completed task can be edited, the changes will be reflected in all the time entries associated with the task.

Deleting tasks

To delete a task, click the tray button on the required task.

deleting a task

After deleting a task, all time entries associated with the task will remain, but they will not be linked to the task.

Note: If a user is deleted, all tasks assigned to him/her that have no project will be deleted too.