Monitoring Team's Work

Note: This functionality is available only to Team Lead, Administrator, and Owner.

To monitor work of a team:

  1. On the Tracker page, click the My Time arrow.
  2. To view the work of all members of a team, select the team name from the drop-down list box.
  3. To view the work of a certain user, select their name from the drop-down list box.
  4. If you want to view team's activity not for today, select the required date.
  5. The work of each member is shown as a separate timeline with a member's name and the indication of total time worked for a day.

Monitoring teams work

By default, TMetric shows the team activity for today. To view the team activity for past days, click the Calendar arrow, and then click a required date on the calendar. Alternatively, navigate to a required date using back and forward arrows.

 Date selection

To exit team's work monitoring, click Back to My Time.