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How To: Fix Forgotten Timer

Do you often forget to to stop the timer when leaving your work? Don't worry, the next time you return to work, TMetric will remind you to do that. A long-running timer window will appear if a time entry is continually active for more than 12 hours. This is what TMetric web app will show if you left your work without stopping the timer and shutting off your computer.

Long running timer 

Please note that you will not be able to further track your time until you fix the long-running timer.

Fixing long-running timer in web app

1. Click the day (marked blue) after the word Started; this will open the timeline and timesheet of that day. 

2. Click the day (marked blue) after the word Finished to change the day when you finished the task.

3. Specify the time at which you finished working in the H:mm field. You can either manually enter the time or click the clock icon that will open a clock dial.

4. Click Fix Timer

After fixing the timer, your changes will be automatically reflected on the timeline.