TMetric Documentation

TMetric: A Look Under the Hood


In TMetric, there can be only one timer running at a given time. If you start another timer, the current timer will automatically stop.

Besides, TMetric does not allow overlapping time entries. If you create a time entry that overlaps an existing time entry, the new interval overwrites the latter. 

Note: Time is tracked in minutes, not seconds.

Collapse of small time intervals

Typically, you work on some task for some time (for about half an hour and longer). You can hardly ever manage a task in less than one minute. Though sometimes, you may accidentally start tracking a wrong task and almost instantaneously you stop it or start a new task.  In this case, since TMetric does not store time in seconds,the task that lasts less than a minute will be erased. This is done to ensure that accidental time intervals do not clutter up a report.

For example, if you start the timer and then stop it in less than a minute, the created time entry will collapse from the timesheet.  Another case is when you start a task, and within a minute you start another task, TMetric will record the entire interval, but only with the latter task.

collapsing small intervals