Using Timer

This topic walks you through the basics of tracking work time with TMetric. 

Before you start recording the time, you might need to create a project(s) and add team members and clients you work for.

Using Timer

Click the green Start timer button to get the timer running. After you started the timer, a new empty time entry is created in the timesheet, and the timeline gets recorded. By default, TMetric creates a time entry without task description. You can add or change the task details later, while the timer is running.

To add task details, click the time entry. This will open a dialog box for editing the time entry, where you can specify the task description, for example, "Developing website structure", select a project for the task, add tags, and specify the start time and the end time of the task. To apply changes, click Save.

Note: You can log your time only for the projects, in which you are a member. 

Starting a task


A timeline visually shows your work in 10-minute increments. It helps you go back to every minute of your work day and see websites or programs you viewed. For more details on how to manage the timeline, please refer to the Recording User Activity topic.

Adding a new task

If you want to start a new task, click the Add Time Entry button. A dialog box will appear, where you can specify the description of the task, the start time and the end time, select a project and tags. You can find the required project by typing its code in the search field. Click Save to add the task.

The tasks button  alt= opens a list of recently created tasks.

adding time entry

Alternatively, click the Start new task button (a green button with a "+" sign) in the top main menu and select New Task from the drop-down menu. This will also open a dialog box for adding a new task. The drop-down list allows you to choose a task from the list of recent tasks. 

start a new task

Resuming task

If you want to proceed with a task you already worked on today, hover over the corresponding time entry on the timesheet and click the Continue task button. 

continue task

Stopping timer

Click the Stop timer button on the top main menu or hover over the active time entry and click the red square stop timer button. 

stop timer

Adding breaks

The easiest way to add time breaks (non-working time) is to use the timeline. Select a time span on the timeline with the mouse pointer and then click Add Break.

Alternatively, you can click the Add Break button next to the Add Time Entry button. Below the timesheet, a dialog box will appear, where you can specify the time interval of the break either by entering the time manually or clicking the clock icon next to the start/end time to open a clock dial. On the clock dial, pick the necessary hour and minutes using only the mouse pointer. 

Add break

By default, breaks are not shown on the timesheet. To display breaks:

  1. Click the account name at the top right.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Select Show breaks in the list on the Time page
  4. Click Save.

show breaks

Total break time

A summarized break time during your working day is displayed above the timeline.

total break time 

Billable time is displayed on Time page

The total billable time tracked during the day is displayed on the Time page.

Billable time displayed on Time page

Tracking external tasks

TMetric allows you to track working time without leaving your favorite web app. Read more on how to integrate TMetric into a web app.