Perfect marketing tracking tool

TMetric allows you to control time spent on marketing activities like PR, SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media or branding tasks in:

  • advertising and digital marketing agencies
  • in-house marketing departments
  • internet marketing agencies
  • any marketing firms whose employees work in the office or at outsource

Manage marketing team remotely

With TMetric it is possible to remotely manage employees if marketing tasks are assigned to an outsourcing team. The benefits are:

  • remote monitoring of employees' work on tasks
  • effective budget management for each project
  • payments to freelancers and remote employees only for billable hours

Track marketing activity on any device

TMetric is a universal time tracking app, which allows tracking work hours:

Integrate with apps you use daily

Using TMetric with Google Apps will help to coordinate and streamline the workflow of a marketing team, whose work is often associated with G Suite Tools. With one click on the timer button directly on Google Calendar, Google Keep notes, reports in Google Sheets or Google Docs, you can start to measure time and specify a task name, create a new project or select an existing one. If you don’t use G Suite but want to integrate TMetric with your favourite tools, check our available integrations page.

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Pricing Overview


Forever free

Discounts available for marketing agencies with large teams. Check detailed pricing and discounts.