TMetric Documentation

Setup Your Projects

This is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a project in TMetric.

A project in TMetric may be internal for company's internal matters or external, i.e. initiated by a client. With the external project, you need to first add a client to the TMetric system.

Creating a Project

1. Click Projects in the main menu, and then click the New Project button. Specify a project name and client. You may add a project code, project image, and notes as an extra information.

Project Type 

There are three billing types for a project: Non-billable, Time & Materials, and Fixed Fee.

Use Time & Materials if you want to bill your client at specific hourly rates. There are three types of hourly rates:

  • Project rate - you set a fixed rate per hour and it will be applied to all billable hours tracked for the project no matter who works on a task
  • Person rate - you need to set an hourly rate for each member working on the project in the Team section below
  • Work type rate - work type is a certain type of professional activity, for example, development, testing, etc. By default, it is set to a default project rate. You may set hourly rates for each specific work type in the Work types section below. 

Use Fixed Fee if you want to set a fixed price for the entire project no matter how many hours were spent or who was working on the project. 

Project type


You may set an Overall budget for a project, for which tree budgeting methods are provided: 

  • Total project hours - the total number of hours to be spent on the entire project. Both billable and non-billable hours will count toward your budget. If you choose this method, specify the budget size in hours. 
  • Total project fees - the total amount of money to be spent on the project. Billable hours are multiplied by the project's (persons') hourly rate. If you choose this method, specify the budget size in monetary units.
  • Hours per person - the total number of hours for each member to spend on the project. Both billable and non-billable hours will count toward your budget. If you choose this method, specify a budget for each team member in the Team section below.



To add members to a project, in the Team section, click Add members to project team and select the required ones from the list. You can also add an entire team at once by selecting a specific team.

Manage members using the action overflow button. You can set a rate to a specific member, assign a manager status or remove a member. 

When there are no members added to a project, the project is public. That is, for public projects: 

  • Any member can log time to a project.
  • Logged time is visible to all members of an account.
  • Regular members can configure the general settings and work types for a project 

To make a project private, you need to add at least one member to it. For private projects:

  • Only the project team can log time.
  • Logged time is visible only to the account owner, admin, and the assigned project manager.
  • Only the account owner and admin can configure settings for a project.
  • The assigned project manager can configure project settings except for billing functionality.

 Project team