TMetric Documentation

Add Your Team

Here, we will walk you through how to quickly build your own team in TMetric.

You can build a team in your TMetric account by inviting users via email. It is essential that users sign up to TMetric only after you invite them to the account (i.e. by following a link sent to their emails). Otherwise, if they sign up on their own, a personal account will be created for them in the TMetric system.  

To invite members, perform the following steps:

1. In the Account section, click Members.

2. Click the Invite Members button. 

3. In the Invite Members to Account window, specify the email of a user you want to invite. Both formats and John Smith <> are applicable.

4. Click Send Emails.

Invite members to account

Note: You can add multiple users at once by inserting one email per line.

Once you've invited members, you may set up personal settings for them. It is advisable to specify a user's cost rate and billable rate as the latter is automatically added to a billable project with the Person hourly rate. 

Personal settings for members

Note: When a trial period expires, you may need to upgrade to Business or Professional plan to preserve members in your account exceeding five.