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TMetric is a free time tracking app that helps automate time allocation to your tasks with a zero cost. Integrates with 50+ popular project management apps like Asana, Trello, Jira, etc.

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Away Time Dialog Box
Tracking Reminders and Idle Time Detection

Get notified every time you stopped working

You will never miss tracking your work time because TMetric desktop app adds tracking reminders to your workday. App detects zero activity and prompts you to take a break or resume activity. In case your timer runs overnight, you will get notified too.

Detailed Report Screen
Powerful Time Reports

Analyze how you spend work time

Get a detailed overview of how much time you spend on every task within any given time period. You can view both your personal productivity level and your team’s level too. Reports are available for export and printing with a click.

New Project Screen
Unlimited Number of Projects

Create projects and assign them to tasks

Organize your work time like a pro. Assign tasks to projects, personalize them and tag different work types to facilitate the workflow.

TMetric Platforms
Mobile versions available

Track time on iOS or Android devices

Track time even if you are out of office but still require productivity measurement. TMetric is available on iOS and Android devices. Your tracked time is synced in a web app.

Wide Range of Timer Integrations

Enable time tracking feature in any tool you use

Love using Trello, JIRA, Asana, Todoist, or other apps? Install TMetric browser extension and track time spent on your tasks in these apps by launching the timer. See the time spent on a task without switching between apps.

What they say about us

Simple yet efficient

I love that I can manage a whole team's worktime. It's also good to create reports based on project, task, daily or team.
David F.

Very helpful love it!

The layout is easy and professional. I had an easy time getting setup and organized. It has a lot of great features.
Danielle N.

Easy tool to track your time

I have started to use it to have more details on how much time I spend on the particular project and each task. Important for me is that its easy to start and pause the tool when needed. And TMetric completely met these requirements. Thank you!
Regina Z.
Marketing Consultant

TMetric is ease to use - Small and useful

TMetric is a very useful tool for time tracking. It`s lightweight but has all features, which we need for time tracking
Stefan T.
Team Lead

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TMetric is a fast developing solution

Frequent updates bring new amazing features

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