Convenient task time tracker for guaranteed profitability

TMetric is a full-featured time task management app that helps to keep your tasks on track and build highly productive workflows

Daily workflow management

Manage your task in real-time and collaborate easily

Stay on top of your day with easily organized task lists. Monitor task change history and set deadlines for assigned tasks with ease.

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Manage your task in real-time and collaborate easily
Valuable reports

Identify most productive times and analyze profits

TMetric provides detailed information for most accurate time estimates for any task in any project.

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Identify most productive times and analyze profits
Billable hours tracking

Make sure every task be paid

TMetric tracks your billable hours through all workflows and then stores them for easy billing and payrolling.

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Make sure every task be paid

Team Dashboard to track your team's work

The productivity dashboard makes it simple to keep track of your team's progress. You receive a complete view of what your team is doing, including the tasks they complete, the time they devote to them, and whether they are currently working or not.

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Team Dashboard to track your team's work
Advanced integrations

Connect TMetric with your daily services

TMetric lets you track time for your tasks in dozens of services you already use thus making your workflow more efficient

More Features

Empower your business processes with many convenient features

Time Tracking
Project Management
Team Management
Billing & Invoicing
Time Off


  • Great time card app

    What do you like best? - No software to install. Easy UI - one button to click and that's it. What do you dislike? - Nothing! The free version gives me everything I need, which is simply making sure that I'm working the expected number of hours each week.

    Mark B.

  • Does its job, good bang for buck

    TMetric is very easy to use and is totally adequate if your main concern is timetracking. There's a bunch of integrations with project management and other tools, which simplifies a lot of things, at least for me.

    Capterra Reviewer

  • Decent functionality

    Easy to track time and record it under various projects. I love the integrations that allow you to track time eg as you read and respond to an email, or even offline.

    Ruth D

  • Great affordable, well-integrated, easy-to-use time tracking system

    I have used TMetric to track my time completing client projects for the past 3 years as a solo freelancer. TMetric is my favorite and I have established all my projects and tasks here. It is easy to set up and has a beautiful, Google-like UI. It is easy to add or edit time. The reporting feature allows you to customize the reported metrics on various levels and for various timespans.

    Pauline L.

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