TMetric Time-Sync with QuickBooks Online

Track time effortlessly with TMetric, synchronize it quickly to QuickBooks and make invoicing and payrolling fun. Integration has never been simplier and faster. Get the best out of it for your business wellbeing!


Integration Benifits

Using TMetric and QuickBooks together can streamline financial processes and simplify your business accounting in general with:

  • Automatic synchronization of work time and activity
  • Fast invoicing and payrolling after data is being synchronized
  • Accurate time estimation preventing any accounting errors


Billable Rates for Projects

TMetric allows you to clearly invoice and correctly bill your clients by:

  • Setting flat hourly rates
  • Defining standard types of work
  • Setting an hourly rate for each person involved in the project

Time Estimates for Projects

Accurate time estimation spent on projects can improve project management process and team productivity. TMetric includes:

  • Time estimation per project
  • Time estimation per person
  • Comparison of the estimated time to the actual tracked one

How to Use Time Tracking in QuickBooks

This guide describes how to connect your TMetric workspace to QuickBooks company and synchronize the tracked time.

1. Create Integration with QuickBooks

  1. Sign up to TMetric or log in to your account if you have one. 
  2. Open the Integrations page and click QuickBooks.
  3. Click Connect, sign in to your QuickBooks account and choose a company for integration.
  4. If the integration goes well, the settings editor will open.

NoteOnly one integration is available for a specific workspace. 

2. Track Work Time

To start tracking your work time, just click the Start timer button in the app.


3. Synchronize Tracked Time 

  1. To manually synchronize time, click the Synchronize Time Now button.
  2. Turn on the Synchronize time automatically option if you need to auto-sync time with QuickBooks. 

The screenshot below demonstrates how TMetric data is matched and synchronized with QuickBooks for further use. 

Synchronized Data

You can learn more about time sync with QuickBooks in our documentation

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