Automatic Time Tracking Software

Automated time tracking in TMetric helps you remain focused on actual work to lead to better results and efficiency.

Accurate automatic task time tracking

With TMetric, you can easily track time on tasks and projects, create time entries, capture billable hours, and save time on paperwork when it comes to generating time reports. Dive into a detailed overview of the time utilization and precisely evaluate productivity.

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Accurate automatic task time tracking

Automated desktop App for time tracking

By applying TMetric desktop app, you can start tracking your billable hours without difficulty. It automatically spots zero activity and notifies you of break time, and if you leave the timer switched on, you will get notified of overrun. This way you can always see the real time you work.

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Automated desktop App for time tracking

Automatic Offline Time Tracking

TMetric offline feature allows you not to worry about Internet availability when it comes to time tracking. Work where ever you wish, track work, and get detailed time analytics.

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Automatic Offline Time Tracking

iOS and Android Time Tracking App

Track time whenever you require a productivity record in the mobile app. TMetric is available on iOS and Android devices, and the time you track will be synced in the web app.

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iOS and Android Time Tracking App

Automated track time on your favorite project management tool

Whether you are a fan of Trello, JIRA, Asana, Todoist, or other apps, you can time track hassle-free with TMetric browser extension. By launching the timer, you start tracking while working in the tools you love.

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  • Great time-tracking software

    It provides one with a list of open apps and web pages, to easily identify the actual work that has been done. Reports are extensive and can already prepare a good basis for invoicing the clients.


    IT Consultant

  • Effective and Unintrusive

    Its extremely simple and quick to use, and very much "out of your way" so you never have to think about it unless you are doing something weird (like walking away from your computer for days without stopping the time)

    Chris V


  • Useful time tracking tool

    I have started to use it to have more details on how much time I spend on a particular project and each task. Important for me is that it’s easy to start and pause the tool when needed. And TMetric completely met these requirements. Thank you!

    Melanie M

    Site Coordinator

  • Works for me!

    I recently transitioned from full-time employee to ‘consultant’. Needed an app to track projects, tasks and generate billing based on our agreement. TMetric handles this elegantly and I can access from my iPhone, iPad or PC- awesome!

    Jim R

    Manufacturer's Representative

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