How TMetric Tracks Apps and Websites

This topic describes the way TMetric Desktop tracks websites and apps usage.

Tracking websites and apps usage lets you easily see how much time is spent on each website and how long each application has been in use.

To enable websites and apps tracking, you need to turn on the Record apps and sites option. It can be found in the desktop preferences and can still be overridden by the admin in the workspace settings.

TMetric polls the system second-by-second and indicates whether a user has used the I/O device (a mouse, keyboard, etc.) or not. If the user was active per second, then this time is considered as "active" and saved. Besides this, the program monitors switching between apps and records the time when a particular app or a site was active (a user did something on the site or in the app). As a result, we have two values - the time spent on the site (in the app) and the time when a user was active (did something on the site and in the app). The Apps Usage report displays the total time spent on the site or in the app.

TMetric desktop collects more data to display apps and websites a team member mostly uses and visits at work.

Note: Business and Professional plans grant unlimited storage for user activity. In the Free plan, you can view user activity only for 7 previous days. Your user activity is visible to you, your team lead and the members with the Owner and Admin roles.

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