Stay focused and productive

TMetric is aimed to make you focused and productive throughout your work day.

  • Visual timeline shows a particular day at a glance.
  • Activity tracking lets you know what exactly took your time.
  • Browser add-ons let you track tasks from other web apps in one click.
  • Autocomplete for repeated tasks saves you time.

Track money you earn

TMetric is an excellent billable time tracker which helps employees to track every minute of their billable hours. But it’s a money tracker too.

  • Set billable rates per account, project or team member.
  • See how much you earn with every project and client.
  • Use multiple currencies to work with international clients.
  • Set cost rates for a team and see how much you pay your employees.

Complete projects within budgets

Most projects have either an estimate or a budget. TMetric lets you track both.

  • Allocate an estimated number of hours per project or team member.
  • Allocate specific money amounts for project budgets.
  • See details of how budgets are spent using TMetric reports.
  • Email notifications help avoiding projects to go over budgets.

Monitor performance of your team

TMetric provides you with a great control over your team’s work. No manual time reporting required.

  • Bring together timelines of your team on one screen.
  • Track tasks assigned to team members.
  • See an average work intensity of any employee through a day.
  • Edit time records for any team member, if necessary.


Install a browser extension for TMetric and track time for tasks created in your favorite web application.



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