Flexible reporting to get all info you need for Smart Teams

TMetric reporting feature helps you gain all important data of your business running in one place. Peer into your business progress with just one click.

Project summary report

Collect all projects data in one place

TMetric shows summarized information on all projects in your workspace, including data on clients, project budgets, budget spendings, time, and billable time. The report also includes colored charts that visually represent data contained in the report table.

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Collect all projects data in one place
Task summary report

Keep tasks on track

TMetric gives detailed information on the amount of time spent by each member on tasks within your projects. The report displays data in a table organized by user names, tasks, projects/clients, time, and billable time.
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Keep tasks on track
Team summary report

Manage team more effectively

TMetric shows summarized information about all the members of workspace. The data is organized by person, workdays, time worked, paid time of, time balance, billable amount, costs, online time and activity level.
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Manage team more effectively
Detailed report

Catch all-important insights

TMetric shows time tracking details on a day-by-day basis. The report includes a list of tasks that were worked on by each member of the workspace on a given day. The report displays data in a table grouped by day, user, time entry, project/client, and time (duration).
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Catch all-important insights
Rounding time in report

Make billing more flexible

TMetric records every second of your working time and provides exact up-to-second data in reports. But for billing purposes, it can be useful to round time entries in reports. For example, if you charge your clients on an hourly basis.
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Make billing more flexible
Dozens of integrations

Connect TMetric to your favorite tool

Track time from your favorite daily tool just with one click. TMetric has dozen of integrations including Asana, Trello, Jira, GitLab and much more

More Features

Empower your business processes with many convenient features


  • Effectively check the progress of company projects

    It has made our life easier as it allows us to categorize our time helping us to stay within the specified time frame. It has good usability and helps us to control projects within our KanBan in Trello, and if you left the timer on, it is easy to adjust it on the supplier's website. It allows the monitoring of the hours dedicated in the project of each team member and see the progress of each activity.

    Emanuelle L.

    Support Analyst

  • Since we use TMetric, we invoice the customer in time

    TMetric integrates very well with all tools that we use (email, jira, bitbucket, trello, etc). It is the best choice regarding tracking tasks coming from customers on concurrent channels and aggregate them into a single invoice for the customer. It has also idle detection and open end timer detection which is very helpful for us. Since we use TMetric, we invoice the customer in time and we pay freelancers always in time. Which is a great plus!

    Ovidiu F.

    Development Manager

  • Worth it and it's seamless.

    Extremely responsive customer service and the product has a solid build that hasn't ever bugged on me.

    Phillip L.


  • I always choose TMetric for any new team or project setup for years

    We are tracking time of developers and reviewing their work according to TMetric data and it really helps us to manage our team and product development. Also TMetric is part of our KPI calculation.

    Ali N.


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