Outlook Time Tracking in One Click

Track time spent on reading and writing emails in Outlook Online. Connect Outlook to TMetric time tracking app in three simple steps. Measure your productivity level when using email correspondence to foster collaboration with your clients.

Add Timer Button to Outlook Online

Complete these three simple steps to enable time tracking in Outlook Online.

It takes no more than 3 minutes to set up.

Sign Up to TMetric

Time tracking app with advanced billing and reporting features

Sign Up to TMetric
Install Browser Extension

Browser add-on for TMetric that allows one-click time tracking for popular Web apps

Install Browser Extension
Start Tracking

Now sign in to your Outlook account and start tracking

Start Tracking


No Manual Input Required

  • Timer button is integrated into Outlook toolbar
  • It takes a single click to start the timer
  • No need to stop before opening another email
No Manual Input Required

Smarter Email Time Management

  • Effective time management of business correspondence
  • Possibility of editing a time entry if necessary
  • Powerful time reporting
Smarter Email Time Management

How to Use Time Tracking In Outlook Online

Time Tracking in Outlook Online. How it works

TMetric can be only integrated with an Outlook email web client.

When you open an email in your Outlook account you will find a TMetric timer button in the upper toolbar. See a screenshot below.

 TMetric Outlook Integration

Clicking the Start timer button will create a time entry in TMetric, which will record your email reading time.  Clicking the Start timer button will create a time entry in TMetric, which will record your email reading time

TMetric is a great time tracking app for Windows, macOS, and Linux that allows you to control your time and stay productive throughout the day. TMetric mobile app for Android or iOS is the most convenient way to track your time whether in the office or away at customer meetings.

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4.5 Customer Rating

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