Outlook Calendar Time Tracking in One Click

Integrate TMetric with Outlook Calendar and track time spent on your scheduled events with ease. See what's on your agenda directly in the web app and start tracking time on any meeting, activity, event, and task with one mouse click.


Integration Benefits

  • Outlook Calendar events are displayed directly in TMetric
  • It takes a single click to start the timer on any event you need 
  • The time spent on an event is automatically logged in your TMetric workspace

Easy Calendar and Event Management

  • Showing and hiding calendars you need without disconnecting the integration
  • Possibility of adding past events as regular time entries
  • Powerful time reporting



How to integrate TMetric with Outlook Calendar

Combining TMetric time tracking features with Outlook Calendar scheduling capabilities can be quite beneficial. You get a powerful time management tool for tracking your scheduled events, meetings, and tasks in one place. 

Here you will learn how to quickly connect TMetric to Microsoft Outlook Calendar and track time spent on your calendar events.

Connect TMetric to Outlook Calendar

To set up the TMetric integration with Outlook Calendar, do the following:

1. Open the My Profile page. 

2. In the Calendars section, find Outlook Calendar and click the Connect link. 

Note: If you have never connected a calendar before, the calendar connection button will be also displayed on the Time page. 

3. Sign in to your Microsoft account. 

4. Select the calendar you want to connect and click Continue

5. Your calendar is successfully connected.

6. And the calendar events appear on the Time page. 

Track time on calendar events 

Now you can start the timer on any event you want to track time for. The time spent on the event will be logged in your TMetric workspace. 

For more information about working with Outlook Calendar events in TMetric, see the documentation

TMetric is a great time tracking app for Windows, macOS, and Linux that allows you to control your time and stay productive throughout the day. TMetric mobile app for Android or iOS is the most convenient way to track your time whether in the office or away at customer meetings.

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