How to Integratе Outlook Calendar with TMetric

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a tool for maintaining and scheduling meetings, activities, events, and tasks. Integrating your calendar with TMetric can help you easily track time spent on all these events. So, you can concentrate on the work you actually do. 

How to connect TMetric to Outlook Calendar

To integrate TMetric with Outlook Calendar, complete the following steps:

1. Click your name at the bottom left and select My Profile.

2. In the Calendars section, find Outlook Calendar.

3. Click the Connect link under the calendar name. 

4. Sign in to your Microsoft account. 

5. Select the calendar you want to connect and click Continue

6. The My Profile page will open where you can see that your calendar is successfully connected. 

Note: If you have never connected a calendar before, then the calendar connection button will be displayed on the Time page. 

Working with calendar events in TMetric

Once the calendar is connected, your scheduled calendar events will appear on the Time page. You can see them in the Agenda section. 

The Agenda section shows both Today's events and the ones for the previous 7 days. The red line displayed in this section for Today's events is used to separate all past events from present and future ones. 

Starting timer on the event 

TMetric allows you to quickly start tracking time for any scheduled event. In the Agenda section, find the event you need and click the Start timer button next to its name. 

And the time spent on your calendar event will be logged in your TMetric workspace. 

Adding past events manually

You can easily add time entries for your past calendar events.

1. In the Agenda section, find the event you need and click the Add time entry button next to its name. 

2. In the time entry editor that opens, enter the data you need and click Save.

3. A past event will disappear from the Agenda section and will be added as a regular time entry on the Time page. 

How to show or hide calendars as needed

When your Outlook Calendar is connected, you can easily add or hide the calendars you need without removing the integration. Just go to the My Profile page and turn on/off the switcher of the calendar you want either to show or hide.

How to disconnect the integration

To disconnect TMetric from Outlook Calendar, do the following:

1. Go to the My Profile page. 

2. Click the menu button next to the calendar name.

3. Select Remove.

Outlook Calendar events will disappear from the Time page, but time entries associated with the calendar events will remain in your TMetric workspace. 

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