User Roles and Permissions

This topic describes differences between user roles within a TMetric workspace. 

TMetric workspace is an arrangement in the TMetric system, within which one or several users track their work time. Every user within the workspace has his/her own user profile, containing personal user settings. Users may have one or more of the following roles within the workspace: Regular Member, Team Lead, Project Manager, Client Representative, Admin, and Owner.

Workspace Roles

Team Member

A team member is a user with minimal access rights. Team members can:

The team member has no permission to see Billable Amount in the Tasks Summary, Projects Summary, and Detailed reports. 

In the Team Summary and Activity Summary reports, they can only see their own data. 


An admin is an administrator of a TMetric workspace. TMetric has the option specially for admins called Monitor work of all teams and users. It can be turned on or off by the owner or admin (who has this option enabled). Though, the admin who has this option enabled cannot disable it for themselves. When this option is disabled, access to user activity is restricted, including their time entries and access to invoices.

An admin can:

The admin has permission to view any data in all the reports. 


An owner is the actual owner of the workspace. An owner has maximal access rights. In particular, the owner can:

  • Do everything a team member can
  • Do everything an admin can
  • Delete TMetric workspace
  • Purchase, modify, and renew a subscription

The owner has permission to view any data in all the reports.

Client Representative

A client representative is a person who is invited to a TMetric workspace to monitor projects of the client. The client representative can:

  • View Detailed Report, Projects Summary, and Tasks Summary reports only for the projects belonging to the client they represent.

The client representative has no permission to view the Team Summary report and project rates in the reports. 

The list below shows the scoped roles assigned to users within a scope. In TMetric, a scope is either a group of users or a project. 

Project and Team Roles

Team Lead

A team lead is a person who monitors a team's work. Team leads can:

To assign a team lead role to a user

  1. Navigate to Workspace, and then click Teams.
  2. Click a required team. 
  3. On the Edit Team page, click the Add Team Lead link. 
  4. Check a required user and click Add
  5. Click Save

Note: If a team lead isn't added to a team, the user will see the work time of other members, but won't be able to work on the same projects with them. If you add a team to a project, a team lead won't be added to the project together with them.

Project Manager

A project manager is a user who supervises a project. Project managers can:

To assign a project manager role to a user

  1. Navigate to Projects on the main menu. 
  2. Click a required project name in the list. 
  3. On the Edit Project page, go to the Team section. 
  4. Click the menu next to the user and select Is Manager

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