Editing User Profiles

This topic describes how to edit user profiles, what information can be changed and who has permission to do it. 

As a workspace admin, you can view and edit other user profiles: 

Personal Settings

  • Name - change a member's name displayed in a workspace
  • Email address can be changed only by a user
  • Time zone - set a local time zone for a user
  • Profile picture can be changed only by a user 


  • Role - set a user role in TMetric (a team member, admin or owner)
  • Team membership - add team names that a user belongs to
  • Allow editing time manually - turn on the option if you want to enable a user to edit his timesheets
  • Allow tracking time with a mobile device - turn on the option if you want to enable a user to track his time using a mobile app

Required Fields for Time Entries 

  • Description - a user should enter a description for each new time entry 
  • Project - a user needs to select a project when adding a new time entry
  • Tagsa user needs to select tags for new time entries
  • Task link - a user should start a task created within TMetric or a time entry in an external task management system by clicking the Start Timer extension button in it.

Hourly Rates

  • Billable rate - set an hourly billable rate for a member of a new project to know how much to charge when invoicing a client
  • Cost rate - assign an hourly cost rate to a member to know how much to pay him for his work

Work Settings

  • Workday length - you can set a number of working hours per day for a user
  • Default work type - you can set a type of work a user performs most often 

Lock Member - click the link if you want to lock a user

Delete Member - click the link to delete a user

To edit a user profile

  1. Navigate to Workspace, and then click Members
  2. Click the member's name whose profile you want to edit. 
  3. On the Edit Member page, change the data you need. 
  4. Click Save


  1. If a user belongs only to your workspace, you can edit all the user profile settings, except an email address.
  2. If a user is a member of two or more workspaces, you won't be able to change its name and time zone. You need to ask that person to do it.

Edit User Profile

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