Using Team View to Monitor your Team

Here you will find out how to easily monitor your employees' work activities: all team members at once, a particular team or a member.

Using the Team View functionality allows Team Lead, Administrator, and Owner to see the working time of all team members, tasks they do and their productivity levels.

Monitoring staff performance enables you to check whether your team is doing the right things to achieve your common goals, measure the project implementation process and a level of teamwork. 

In Team View, companies that use outsourcing services can monitor remote employees' work regardless of the differences in their time zones. 

To monitor work of a team 

  1. On the Time page, click the My Time arrow.
  2. To view the work of all members, click the See all users at the top of the drop-down box. To view the work of a certain team, select a team's name in the drop-down list. To view the work of a certain user, select its name in the drop-down list.
  3. If you want to view a team's activity for the day other than today, select the required date.
  4. The work of each member is shown as a separate timeline with a member's name and the indication of total time worked for a day.
  5. Users without logged time are also displayed on the team view page.
  6. If a user has a long-running timer, you will see a notification that they forgot to stop their timer at the top of the page. If you click a user’s name, you will jump to their Time page, where you can fix the timer manually.



By default, TMetric shows the team activity for today. To view the team activity for the previous days, click the Calendar arrow, and then click a required date on the calendar. Alternatively, navigate to a required date using back and forward arrows.


 Select Date

To exit team's work monitoring, click Back to My Time.

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