Team Dashboard

The Team Dashboard is a convenient way to monitor your employees' work. You get a full picture of what your team is doing - the tasks they do, the time they spend on them, whether they are working or not at the moment. Also, you can view your team members' activity to see how productive they are. 

It's a great tool for managers who need quick access to information about their team to run it effectively. A manager just clicks the Team item on the left-side menu and gets a real-time overview of what their team is doing. 

You will see this item in the menu when you add a team to your workspace. To view the work of a certain team, you can select a team's name in the drop-down list.

Note: This feature is only available in the Business plan.

On the Team Dashboard page, you will see the Time table with the following metrics:

Status - shows whether a team member is working or not at the moment. There are two variants - Working  and Idle, correspondingly.

User - a team member's avatar and name. 

Started at / Finished at - The time of the beginning and end of work on the current task. If the user did not work at all today, then there will be the Did not work today label. If a user is absent due to some time off policy, the name of the time off policy is shown instead of the start and end times. In case the user works during his/her holidays, his/her status will be Working anyway.

Total Time - total hours worked today (for the current day). For more detailed information on the task, follow the link to the Time page.

The View Activity icon - directs to the Activity page of a specific team member. 

Current Task - information about the task the team member is currently working on.

Note: Admins can see everyone, and team leads can only view the information about his/her own team. The time zones issues are taken into account here too. So, managers can easily monitor remote employees' work regardless of the differences in their time zones.  

With the Team Dashboard, you can effectively manage the team you are responsible for without losing your precious time. 

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