Apps Usage Report

The Apps Usage report provides statistics on the most used applications both in the form of a visual graph showing apps usage represented in percents and a table with data showing app names and users' time spent on each app. The applications are tracked by TMetric Desktop.

 Apps Usage Report

Time Range

You can select a required time range in the date picker located at the top right corner of a reportTodayYesterdayCurrent WeekLast WeekCurrent MonthLast MonthAll Time, and Custom Range. The report will display the apps used during a specified period of time. 


You can filter report data by applying the following filters: Teams and Users. Just click the Team drop-down button and check a person name or a team in the list you want to get a report on and click Apply Filter

Note: Project Manager can only see his name in the Team drop-down list.


Data in a table can be organized either by Person or Application grouping categories. You can select a category you need in the Group by drop-down menu. 


The report includes a colored chart that helps show proportions and percentages between the most used applications contained in the report table. You can click each legend to toggle a chart segment. 

Column customization and export

You can customize a report by including/hiding the following columns: Person, Application, and Time Spent. Click the Columns drop-down button, check/uncheck the columns you need and click Apply

Once you build a report, you can export it as a PDF or a CSV file.

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