Using TMetric Desktop

TMetric Desktop allows you to track time, enable tracking reminders, and record user activity. It then seamlessly syncs data to the web version of TMetric.

The desktop app UI enables you to start and stop the time, see how much time you work during the day and what tasks you do. You can use the navigation arrows to move to previous days and back to view your working progress in the past.

Download the Desktop client available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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TMetric tray icon

TMetric tray window allows you to quickly start/stop the timer, view and switch to a recent task, refresh the application, configure preferences, open TMetric web and desktop apps, open the About window and TMetric help, log off your TMetric account, or exit the desktop client. Just right-click the desktop app and select the required option from the shortcut menu

Desktop Tray Screen

TMetric Desktop main window

To open the TMetric Desktop main window, either click the TMetric tray icon or right-click it and select Open Desktop App.

On the main desktop screen, you can view everything at a glance and manage your time quickly. When TMetric Desktop opens, you will see the Start timer button (a green play button in the top right-hand corner) and the Stop timer button (the gray play button next to the Start timer one).

Desktop Main Screen

When the timer is running, you can click the green plus button to start a new time entry or select one from the list of recent time entries. In the What are you doing now field, you can see your recently tracked time entries and pin them if needed.

Main Screen Started

The main window displays the list of time entries for a day. You can see the name of each time entry and the time spent on it, the link to a task it is connected with, and the project it belongs to.

You can use a convenient calendar to switch quickly between days. There are also navigation arrows that can take you to previous days and back so that you can see your work log in the past. Also, you can see the total time recorded for today and the Monthly Balance value.

The Agenda widget allows you to quickly start the timer for the event you've scheduled in your calendar.

Click your name to open the menu, where you can configure various settings of the TMetric Desktop using the preferences. You can also use the menu to log out of TMetric, exit the desktop client, and open the web app or the About window.

There are additional options available in the bottom right corner, allowing you to refresh the app, add a time entry, add a break and sort time entries in descending or ascending order.

Time Tracking Overview

Time tracking in TMetric Desktop is the process of monitoring how much time is spent on specific tasks or activities. The desktop client gathers data that can be synced with the web app, allowing it to be reviewed and processed there.

The desktop app monitors your activities quietly in the background, allowing you to focus on your work. You come to work, click the Start timer button and minimize the app. When you finish your work, you open the desktop from the system tray and click the Stop timer button.

If you forget to start your timer, TMetric Desktop will remind you to. Each time you start the timer, a time entry is added to the desktop main screen. You can link a task to it, add tags, and a project.

All your breaks are also added on the main screen. A break is added when you stop the timer or use the Add Break button to add it.

If you forget to stop the timer, TMetric Desktop will notify you about this. It can happen when you have some time off due to either an interruption or taking a lunch break, the app will ask what to do with the idle time.

Switch between workspaces

In TMetric, the user can create multiple workspaces, for example, one for personal projects and another for shared tasks among coworkers. In the desktop client, you can easily switch between them to track time in the one you currently need.

Note: Only one of your workspaces can be active at a time, and you are able to track time only in the active workspace.

To switch workspaces, click your name in the bottom-left corner and tick the workspace you need in the Workspaces section.

Switch Workspaces Desktop


The TMetric desktop application is designed to help you track your work time efficiently. By setting up reminders, the app will prompt you to start logging your time when you need to. You can adjust the reminders by specifying the time interval and days on the Reminders tab of the desktop preferences.

Reminder Desktop App

Start Timer

With TMetric Desktop, you can start tracking time without even opening TMetric web application. A timer can be started within the tool to track specific tasks or activities.

First start of a timer

When you run the desktop application for the first time, the startup dialog appears. This is due to the On application launch setting, which has the Ask me what to do option set by default. If you don't want to see this dialog each time you start the app, you can change this behavior to something more convenient for you.

To do this, check the Remember my choice for the app startup option, select the action you need, and this behavior will become the default one on further desktop launches. The On application launch setting will be automatically updated to reflect your new default behavior.

First Start Timer

Note: The start the timer with no task option is available only if the required fields option is not set in the workspace settings for a user.

Other ways to start a timer

Another way is to start a timer when you return to work. Just click the option you need in the list, either to start a new task or start the timer without a task, etc.

Start Timer DialogAnd by simply clicking the green play button on the main desktop screen.

Adding and Editing Time Entry

In the desktop app, you can easily add and edit a time entry whenever you need. You may need to create or adjust time entries when you fill your work log manually. For instance, your Internet didn't work, or you were very busy with your tasks.

Add time entry

A time entry is added to your worklog when you start the timer. The Start timer screen opens, where you can either select an existing time entry or create a new one by specifying its name in the What are you doing now field and adding a task, project, tags and the start time to it.

In the desktop client, you can also quickly create a new time entry directly on the main screen. Just type the name of the time entry you want to add in the What are you doing now field and click the Create button. And your time entry is already in the list being tracked with the active timer.

Add Time Entry

There is also another possibility to add a time entry by clicking the Add Time Manually button in the bottom-right corner. Fill in the corresponding fields and click the Add button.

Edit time entry

If you need to make changes to a time entry, such as adding a project, adjusting a time range, or modifying other attributes, you can easily do so by opening the Edit Time Entry screen. This editor can be accessed from the main screen by double-clicking the time entry you want to change. Additionally, you can also edit a time entry while the timer is running.

Edit Time Entry

Adding Time for a Previous Day

If you've been on a business trip, and you need to add working time to a previous day, TMetric Desktop allows you to simply do it.

You can add time post factum directly from the main desktop screen by clicking the Add time manually button and selecting the date you want to add a time entry to. Or you can use the calendar or the navigation arrows to go to the day you want to add time to.

Note: You can add time in the past, depending on the settings of the Lock timesheets option in the workspace settings.

How to Link External Task to Time Entry

TMetric Desktop is a task management tool that allows you to track time spent on each task by linking time entries to tasks. To link a task to a time entry, you can use the Edit Time Entry editor and select the task name from the drop-down list.

Link Task To Entry

There is also a possibility to create a new task by clicking the corresponding button in the Select Task drop-down list.

Add break

You can add a break both during your work and when it is finished. On the main screen, click the Add Break icon in the bottom-right corner. In a separate dialog box that opens, specify the start time and the end time of the break and click Add. And you will see a break in your work log on the main desktop screen.

Add Break Screen


In the desktop client, the Agenda widget allows you to view and plan your time more efficiently by easily accessing all tasks and appointments for the day in one place. It enables you to start a timer for scheduled events without having to access the web app. Click the Start timer for the event you need, and TMetric is already tracking time for it.

Agenda Widget Desktop

Pinning the Time Entries

Pinning time entries is a feature in TMetric Desktop that allows users to save and organize time entries for quick reference. To use this feature, simply click the What are you doing now field and then the pin icon next to the time entry you want to pin.

Pin Time Entries


A tiny menu bar calendar allows you to select any day you need and see the chronology of your tasks and working time history.

Calendar Desktop Client

Away time

If there is no user activity for a predefined time, the Idle Time dialog box opens, prompting you to select one of the following options:

  • Keep idle time - the time will be added to your current time entry
  • Add break - the time will be added as a break
  • Add as a new entry - the time will be added to a new time entry

Away Time Dialog

Select one of the options and click the Confirm Action button to continue tracking your time.

Long-running timer

In TMetric, time entries cannot be longer than 12 hours. If it happens, TMetric considers that you did not stop the timer and prompts you to fix it by applying one of the following options:

  • Fix timer - select this option to allow TMetric fix timer on the basis of your user activity. This option may be invalid if TMetric cannot retrieve your user activity.
  • Delete timer - select this option to delete the time entry that is longer than 12 hours.

Fix Long Timer

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