What does ‘Monthly Balance’ mean?

Monthly Balance represents the difference between the amount of logged time and the number of hours required by a monthly work schedule. If your company requires a specific work schedule for its employees, you can set it on the Work Schedule tab of the Workspace Settings. 

When Monthly Balance has a positive value, it means that you have overtime working hours. The negative value shows the time you should work more to finish the current month without a ‘debt’.

To turn Monthly Balance off

  1. Navigate to Workspace and click Settings in the drop-down menu. 
  2. On the Work Schedule page, in the Workweek section, uncheck the Workday length checkbox.
  3. Specify an effective date for the change.
  4. Click Save

Note: Time Balance is displayed in Team Summary reports and may not match the Monthly Balance value. But due to the fact that Monthly Balance is calculated by the active timer, the time of an active task will be added to Time Balance, once the timer is stopped. 

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