Boost Your Time Tracking

TMetric Desktop will make your time tracking even faster, easier and more accurate. 

Why do you need to install the TMetric desktop app?

The software extends basic TMetric functionality providing you with new and richer possibilities.

Tracking Reminders

In case you forgot to stop the timer, TMetric desktop will notify you about this.

Whether someone distracted you or you had a pause for a lunch, the program will ask you what to do with the away time.

Away Time Dialog


TMetric Desktop allows you to seamlessly start and stop tracking your work time without even opening the web app. You don't have to manually launch or stop it every time you run or shup down your computer. TMetric Desktop will deal with this.

Desktop Main Screen

Quick Access to Tasks

The Pinning time entries feature in TMetric Desktop enables users to keep their time entries for future reference. You come to work, open the list of your recently tracked tasks, and see the pinned ones in the top. 

Pinning Time Entries


There is no need to open the web app to see your calendar events every day. The Agenda widget allows you to start a timer for your scheduled events directly in the desktop client.

Agenda Desktop Widget

Activity Tracking

This feature allows you to monitor your activity and analyze it in order to improve your productivity.  

Activity Timeline

You can get a detailed report on the applications that a user mostly uses at work and the time he spends on each of them. 

Apps Report Diagram

It seamlessly syncs data to the web version of TMetric.

Download the Desktop client available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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