Getting started with TMetric

This guide provides detailed instructions, tips, and best practices for maximizing the potential of TMetric. You'll discover how to efficiently track time, create projects, produce analytical reports, collaborate with teammates, and much more.

Chapter 3

Time tracking basics

Add your first project

  • Click Projects from the main menu. It'll launch the Projects page.
  • Click New Project.
Step-by-step instruction

Add your first task

The My Tasks page will appear when you select Tasks from the main menu. Click New Task there.

Step-by-step instruction

Select integration

TMetric integrates with 50+ popular systems for time and productivity tracking, such as Jira, Notion, Asana, and Todoist. To connect your favorite app to TMetric, please install our browser extension.

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Start time tracking

TMetric is created to help users manage their time effectively, thus there are several ways they can access time tracking functionality in the app:

  • Start timer (just hit the green play button in the left-hand upper corner of the web app)
  • Click Add Time Entry to add time manually
  • Start tracking time on a task from the Tasks tab
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