Getting started with TMetric

This guide provides detailed instructions, tips, and best practices for maximizing the potential of TMetric. You'll discover how to efficiently track time, create projects, produce analytical reports, collaborate with teammates, and much more.

Chapter 7

Collaborate with clients

Add a client

You have to somehow classify the time you spend working on each client when you have several of them. Start with adding your first client:

  • Go to Workspace and click Clients in the drop-down menu.
  • Click the New Client button.
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Who is a client representative?

A client representative can be invited to join a TMetric workspace so they can monitor the progress of the client's projects. They have access only to projects belonging to the client they represent and can view the information in the Detailed, Projects summary, and Tasks summary reports.

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Assign a client to multiple projects at once

  • On the main menu, click Projects.
  • On the Projects page, check the projects you want to assign to your client.
  • Click the Set Client button and select the client you need.
  • The specified client is assigned to the selected projects.

How can I create invoices?

Once you accomplish the work, you need to invoice your client. TMetric allows you to quickly create an invoice and send it to your client to get paid on time.

  • Go to Invoices on the main menu and click New Invoice.
  • Pick your client.
  • Under the Time Range, select a required time period for the invoice.
  • Pick a project to invoice for.
  • Select an invoice type: By person hours, By project hours, By task hours, or Detailed Line Items.
  • Click Save.
Step-by-step instruction

Invoicing with QuickBooks Online

If you have a QuickBooks Online account, you can create invoices from it, preliminary syncing time from TMetric.

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How to mark time as invoiced without creating an invoice?

  • Go to Reports and click Detailed Report.
  • Select a date range for the report.
  • Use filters to select a client, or project(s). Then select Billable Time and click Apply Filter.
  • For convenience, group the data by Project/User.
  • Click Mark Time and select Invoiced. A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the action. The dialog box shows current filter selections. If everything is correct, click Mark Time.

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