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This guide provides detailed instructions, tips, and best practices for maximizing the potential of TMetric. You'll discover how to efficiently track time, create projects, produce analytical reports, collaborate with teammates, and much more.

Chapter 4

Team management

Invite your team members

In TMetric, you invite people to your workspace, so they can work as a team.

As a workspace owner, you can add an unlimited number of members to your workspaces. Regular users join a workspace by signing up for TMetric via the invitation link sent to their emails. However, if they sign up independently, they will have their personal workspaces.

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Create a team

Building a team in TMetric is easy and helps you easily monitor employees' productivity, add them to multiple projects, get better team reporting, and effectively manage remote teams.

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Team dashboard

The Team Dashboard makes it simple to keep track of employees' productivity. You receive a complete view of what your team is doing, including the tasks they complete, the time they devote to them, and whether they are currently working or not. You may also see your team members' activity to gauge their level of productivity.

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What is team view?

You can view all team members' working hours, tasks, and productivity levels by using the Team View functionality. Employers who outsource their work can utilize Team View to keep an eye on remote workers' progress despite time zone variances.

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Setting work schedule and holidays

You have the option to customize your work schedule with TMetric, adjust the length of the workday, and select holidays and extra workdays. Keep in mind that this information has an impact on your monthly time balance and the reports.

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Setting individual working hours or shifts

You can adjust a schedule to better suit the demands of your company using TMetric. Both for the entire workforce at once and for a specific user separately, you may specify working hours. For businesses where staff work in shifts, this might be very helpful.

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