Getting started with TMetric

This guide provides detailed instructions, tips, and best practices for maximizing the potential of TMetric. You'll discover how to efficiently track time, create projects, produce analytical reports, collaborate with teammates, and much more.

Chapter 5

Track team activity

Enable activity tracking

  • Navigate to Workspace and click Settings.
  • Select Activity and Screenshots on the left side menu.
  • Choose the information to capture: activity levels, apps and sites, details, screenshots either individually or by default.
  • Check Blur screenshots to protect sensitive data if you want screenshots to be blurred when captured.

You can also enable the Idle Time Detection option to control inactivity time of your workspace members.

Activity levels and online time

The activity level shows what a user actually did when they were at their desk, such as when they typed on a keyboard or moved a mouse.

Online time is the amount of time a user spends online.

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Activity summary report

The Activity Summary report can be used to audit the time that was actually worked, as well as how much time was added manually and with a timer, and how busy a user was overall at their workplace.

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Websites and apps usage tracking

TMetric Desktop collects the following information about apps:

  • a process name
  • a window title of the application
  • time spent in the window (how long this window was active), which is displayed in the Time Spent column of the Apps Usage report.

To monitor which websites a user visits, the desktop app collects:

  • a website domain
  • time spent on the domain
  • browser tab names (they are not displayed in the report)

Attendance management

TMetric serves as a precise time tracking tool that can reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork, PTO calculations, and attendance control. You can set up flexible time-off policies, handle requests for team days off, and pay employees for the real hours they worked.

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Capturing screenshots

Screenshots can help you monitor how employees are using their time at work and, in the event of a dispute, immediately pinpoint time that was wasted. Every 10 minutes, random screenshots of each monitor are taken and may be seen on the Activity page.

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