Add Timer Button to Google Calendar Events

Complete these two simple steps to enable time tracking in Google Calendar.

It takes no more than 3 minutes to set up.

1. Sign Up to TMetric

Time tracking app with advanced billing and reporting features

2. Install Browser Extension

Browser add-on for TMetric that allows one-click time tracking for popular Web apps

Now login to your Google account and start tracking.


No Manual Input Required

  • Timer button is integrated into each Google Calendar event
  • It takes a single click to start the timer
  • No need to stop before switching to another event

Powerful Time Reports

  • See the time of your work days in one place
  • Group, sort, and filter reports
  • Export Google Calendar time reports

How to Use Time Tracking In Google Calendar

Tracking time in Google Calendar. How it works

After you create or open an event in Google Calendar, you will see the TMetric Start timer button as shown in the screenshot below.

Google Calendar Time Tracking with TMetric1 

Click the button, and the time spent on a calendar event will be logged in your TMetric account. Notice that the Start timer button changes to the Stop timer button and displays the time spent on the calendar event. 

The event appears on the Tracker page in the TMetric web application. The name of the event is the same as in Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Time Tracking with TMetric2

TMetric is a great time tracking app for Windows, Mac, and Linux that allows you to control your time and stay productive throughout the day. TMetric mobile app on Android or IoS is the most convenient way to track your time whether in the office or away from customer meetings.