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Public and Private Projects

In TMetric, you can have either a public or private project.

A public project is a project, in which no members are added.  

A private project is a project with members. To make a project private, you need to add at least one member to the project.

Difference between public and private projects

In public projects:

  • Any member can log time to a project.
  • Logged time is visible to all members of a workspace.
  • Regular members can configure the general settings and work types for a project (optional, see below).

In private projects:

  • Only the project team can log time.
  • Logged time is visible only to the workspace owner, admin, and the assigned project manager.
  • Only the workspace owner and admin can configure settings for a project.
  • The assigned project manager can configure project settings except for billing functionality.

Question: Why do I see somebody else's time in my report? I'm not an admin. 

Answer: Because a user logged time in a public project.

Allowing all members to create public projects

The workspace owner or assigned admin can allow all members in an workspace to create public projects. A regular member can then create a project and configure basic settings:

  • project name
  • status
  • client
  • project image
  • project code
  • add/delete work types 

This feature is especially useful when regular members work in an external web app and log time through the TMetric extension. 

To enable this option:

  1. Navigate to Workspace and click Settings
  2. On the Settings page, check Allow all members to create and edit public projects

Allow all members create projects

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