The following table contains a complete list of features available in each subscription plan.

Time Tracking
Free Professional Business
Tracking time with timer
Adding time manually
Mark time as billable or non-billable
Custom workweek
Idle detection
Free Professional Business
Summary reports: projects, task, team
Detailed and Daily reports
Time formats
Permalinks to reports
Billable time and money amounts
Employee rates tracking
Project And Task Management
Free Professional Business
Unlimited projects and clients
Avatars for clients and projects
Budgeting by time (total, per person)
Budgeting by money
Alerts for budgets
Personal to-do lists
Team Management
Free Professional Business
Unlimited number of users
Teams with assigned team leads
Monitoring team performance (team leads)
Adding time for users (admins)
Editing users profiles
Deactivating users
Billable rates for persons
Free Professional Business
Free Professional Business
Browser add-ons: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera
iOS mobile app
Android mobile app