How to Set Required Fields for Time Entries

In some situations, when a workspace member adds a new time entry, you may want to require input for a specific field. For instance,  to link a task from an external bug tracking or project management system. This will help you generate reports faster, manage the issue lifecycle and control the entire workflow process.  

To set the required fields for time entries

  1. Navigate to Workspace and click Settings in the drop-down menu. 
  2. On the Required Fields tab page, you can specify the mandatory fields that your workspace members must set when tracking time. 

If you set the fields below as required, a member won't be able to start the timer:

  • Description - until he/she specifies a brief description of a task. 
  • Project - until he/she specifies the name of the project the time entry belongs to. 
  • Tags - until he/she specifies the tags used to categorize working time and filter tasks.
  • Task Link - until he/she starts a task created within TMetric or a time entry in an external task management system by clicking the Start Timer extension button in it.Required Fields Setting

When the Required Fields are set as default, this option is applied to all workspace members. You can override it for a specific member if needed. 

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