Timesheets Overview

In this section, you'll find everything you need about a timesheet in TMetric and how to use it in your work. 

In general, a timesheet is a form or record that employees fill out to track the time they spend on various tasks or projects. It typically includes information such as the date, task worked on, start and end times, and a description of the work done.

In TMetric, a timesheet represents a data table which is automatically populated. The time tracking data is taken from the Time page and is synchronized with it. 

A timesheet allows employers to monitor and manage employee productivity, as well as ensure that employees are paid accurately for the time they work. Timesheets can also be used by employees to track their own work hours and requested time off. 

Timesheets can help improve efficiency and reduce costs in the workplace.

Discover How To Create and Manage Timesheets


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