Timesheet for Team Member

A timesheet is a record of the hours that a team member works, usually on a weekly or daily basis. It includes the time a user worked each day, as well as the total number of hours worked. 

The timesheet is generated based on the time tracked by a team member using a timer, for a certain period, which should include time spent on tasks, and is divided into days during a given period.

At the end of the period, after the timesheet has been generated, the employee needs to send his/her timesheet to the manager for approval.

In TMetric, every member can open his/her timesheet by clicking Timesheets on the main menu. On the My Timesheet page, you will see a spreadsheet with your time records for a week.  

Timesheet Member

The timesheet typically includes a row for each task (its name, link, and project) and columns for date, hours worked per day, and the total time spent on each task.

A team member can check all his/her time records and make any changes on the Time page if needed (e.g., add time manually or breaks). These changes will be synchronized with the My Timesheet page, but they should be made before sending a timesheet for approval. Otherwise, after sending a timesheet for approval, a user won't be able to make any changes to his/her timesheet. 

At the end of the required period, a team member should send his/her timesheet for approval.

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