Personal Dashboard

The Personal Dashboard provides all the functionality you need for keeping track of your work in one place. You can see what tasks you do, get a summary of your tracked time, view your calendar events, and the information about time off. Using this data, you can properly organize your day at work and increase your productivity.  

The My Work dashboard consists of a set of widgets. Each widget contains information from the already existing sections of the web app. 

To open the dashboard, click the My Work item on the left-side menu. 

Note: This feature is only available in the Business plan.

When the dashboard opens, you will see the following widgets:

  • Current Task - displays the current running timer including the name of the task and project you are working on at the moment.
  • Overview - contains a summary of the tracked time, for different periods (today, this week, this month, and monthly balance).
  • Calendar Events - displays the events from the connected calendars for the current day.
  • Due Tasks - shows tasks that have a set due date. At the top of the list are "overdue" tasks, then "today" tasks, and below you will see "upcoming" tasks.
  • Request for approval - appears only if the user has the right to approve time off requests and has been selected as the approver. This list includes requests that require approval (Needs approval).
  • My Requests - there are personal requests that the user has created. There you can see the status and all the information on the request.
  • Missed Workdays - shows missed working days of the user, starting from the first day of the previous month.

You can easily hide the widgets you don't need by clicking the Manage Widgets button and unchecking the ones you want to hide.

With the Personal Dashboard, you can effectively manage your workflow and stay productive all day. 

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