Using Recurrent Budgets

Here you will find out more about using recurrent project budgets in TMetric and what benefits you get from them. 

Budgets help you easily manage projects and control their expenses. The possibility of setting a recurrent budget for a project makes these processes less time-consuming and more efficient.

For instance, if you work on an iterative project or a long-term project that can be broken down into recurring periods of time, you can select the type of recurrent budget you need:

  • Daily - a budget resets every day.
  • Weekly - a budget resets every week.
  • Monthly - a budget resets every month.

The budget resets depending on the calendar. It does not relate to the project creation date or the start of work on it.

You can also select a None budget type if a project has no allocated budget or Overall -  if a budget is set for the entire project.

After you set a proper recurrent budget, you can easily track your budget spending in reports. The number of budget periods included in the report is defined by the selected time range: 

  • Any budget period within the selected time range will be included in the report.
  • When you select All Time, the starting date of a report will match the date of a first time entry. 

The budget value equals the total amount of budgets for all the periods included in the report. Budget spending is displayed according to the actually spent time. 

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