Archiving and Deleting Projects

In TMetric, a project can have one of the following statuses: Active, Done, and Archived

To change project status

  1. Go to Projects on the main menu, a list of projects will open.
  2. Click the actions button on a required project and select the status from the drop-down list.

Active Projects

An active project is a project in progress, for which you can track your work time, it is displayed in reports.   

Done Projects

  • Done projects are visible in the list of projects and reports.
  • The tasks can be edited for the Done projects. You can change a name and tags, but cannot start or change the time.
  • You cannot log time to done projects.

Archived Projects

  • Data is not deleted from the archived project.
  • Archived projects are hidden in the list of projects by default. You can show and hide archived projects by applying a status filter. 
  • Archived projects are not visible in reports.
  • Archived projects are visible in time entries, but you cannot edit or add tasks to this project.
  • You cannot log time for an archived project.

Deleting Projects

  • Time entries logged for the deleted project are not deleted.
  • Tasks created under the project are deleted.

To delete a project:

  1. Go to Projects, a list of projects will open.
  2. Click the actions button and then click Delete.

Note: Only the workspace manager and assigned admin can delete a project.

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