TMetric Documentation

Do I need to install a browser extension to use Tmetric?

Installing a browser extension is not required to use TMetric – you can use the web application, desktop client or both of them together without the extension.

However, the TMetric browser extension can significantly simplify your time tracking process. This is possible due to the extension’s ability to integrate with external systems such as Jira, Trello, GitHub, Asana and others. When the extension is integrated with an external tool, you can start the TMetric timer directly from that tool’s interface, for example:

TMetric extension external integration

Synchronization of task names and tags between TMetric and an external tool can also be set up by the account’s owner or administrator.

If you want to use the web app or the desktop client without the extension, you can enter task names for your time entries in TMetric manually or copy them from the external system.