What should I do with ‘Timer is running longer than 12 hours’ alert?

As a rule, this alert appears when a user forgets to stop the timer on the previous work day. You will not be able to further track your time until you fix the long-running timer.

For this, just enter the end time of your work and click Fix Timer or delete the timer if you don’t need it.

To avoid this situation, you need to use the desktop client.

  • The client can stop the timer automatically on exit from the app (or when you shut down the computer)
  • The client keeps in memory the time of the latest user activity on the computer. This will allow not to remember when exactly he’s finished his work.

We do not allow the timer for one task to be active for more than 12 hours. 

In some cases, users work more than 12 hours. Then we recommend either to have a break or change a task.

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