TMetric Documentation

Using Work Types for Billing

This is a Business plan feature.

Work types provide more flexible capabilities in terms of billing a client. Members can log their time under various work types, which are rated differently for a client. In particular, this feature allows you to: 

  • create work types;
  • set specific billing rates for each work type;
  • set the invoice method by work type rate for a project;
  • add/delete work types for a specific project;
  • define custom rates for work types under for a specific project.

Note: When you select the invoice method "By work type rate" for a project, the time will be billed based on the rates of the work types defined under the Work Types tab of the project.

Creating work type

  1. Go to Manage and click Tags.
  2. On the Tags page, click the New Work Type button.
  3. On the New Work Type page, specify a work type name, its billing rate, and projects to apply the work type to.

Creating work type

Work types in projects

You can create and set up a billable project with an invoice method By work type rate. So, when a user adds a time entry under the project with invoice method By work type rate, the time is billed according to the rate of a work type selected for this time entry.  

The default project rate will be applied when no work type is specified for a time entry.

Invoice method

On the Work Types tab, you will see the list of all the work types available in the workspace and their default rates. You can add/delete the work types and override their rate for a specific project.

Adding work type