Configuring Time Off for Part-Time Employees

This topic will help you understand how to correctly set up a policy for part-time employees to provide them with accurate time off without overspending. 

Some companies provide both full-time and part-time employees with time off. But vacation accrual will differ in both these cases depending on the employee work schedule. 

So, you'll need to create two different policies for your employees: one - for those who work 8 hours a day and the other - for those who work on a part-time basis (less than 8 hours).

To configure a policy for full-time employees, we set Accrual schedule to Monthly, write 8 in the Amount accrued field and calculate the Maximum accrual value (for example, if a company allows accumulating 30 days off, a Maximum accrual will equal 240 hours).

To set up a policy for part-time employees, you just need to change the Amount accrued and the Maximum accrual field values. For instance, if your employee works 6 hours a day, he may accrue 6 hours of paid time off per day. So, we write 6 in the Amount accrued field and set the corresponding Maximum accrual value.  

Once you create the policies, you can assign team members to them depending on their employment type. 

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