How to Approve Timesheet

Approving timesheets typically involves reviewing and approving the submitted hours worked by an employee for a specific period. It's important to ensure that timesheets are accurate and complete to avoid any discrepancies in pay.

On the Team Timesheets page, a manager can see a list of timesheets of his/her team members for a certain period. The clock icon next to the member's name displays whether a user's sent his/her timesheet for approval or not.

You can hover over the name of any team member, and you will see the approval and rejection buttons next to it. So, you can click the Approve button, leave a note for your employee, and confirm it.

Timesheet Approval

You can also approve the timesheet of your employee by opening a detailed view of his/her timesheet. To open a specific timesheet, just click the user's name. Now you can click the Approve button. 

Approve Timesheet Manager

Once approved, the timesheet can be used for payroll processing.

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