How to Reject Timesheet

Rejecting timesheets refers to the process of not approving or accepting a timesheet that has been submitted by an employee for their work hours. 

Timesheets may be rejected due to inaccurate or missing information, missed deadlines or policy violations. It's essential to review and confirm the timesheet prior to submission to prevent any rejections.

To reject a timesheet, hover over the name of a team member you need, click the Reject icon that appears, leave a note for your employee, and confirm the action.

Timesheet Rejection

You can also reject the timesheet of your employee by opening a detailed view of his/her timesheet. To open a specific timesheet, just click the user's name. Now you can click the Reject button. 

Reject Timesheet Manager

Once a timesheet is rejected, the employee needs to review the rejected timesheet and make the necessary changes before submitting it again. 

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